Kovalam Beach Kerala

Kovalam Beach Kerala

Kovalam Beach is present in Kerala on the southwestern coast of India. This beach is famous in India and attracts tourists from all over the world. Kovalam means “coconut” as there are a lot of coconut trees around this Beach which is why it is called Kovalam Beach. This Beach offers many ways of entertainment for every age group. One must be satisfied there as you can experience water sports, Ayurvedic treatments, and soft sand to relax.

Let us explore more about Kovalam Beach.


Kovalam Beach first received attention in the late 1920s and early 1930s from European tourists. In the 1970s authorities they paid full attention to transforming this beach into a permanent tourist place. 


Kovalam Beach has a 17 km coastline divided into 3 beaches (Hawah Beach, also known as Eve’s Beach, Samudra Beach used by local fishermen, and Ashoka Beach, which has swimmable shallow waters ) separated by rocky outcroppings. Due to these rocky outcroppings, Kovalam Beach forms a crescent shape.

Nearby Places to Visit

  • Karamana River
  • Vellayani Lake
  • Halcyon Castle
  • Kovalam Art Gallery
  • Valiyathura Pier
  • Neyyar Dam
  • Aruvikkara Dam
  • Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple
  • Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

Facilities Available Around the Beach

Kovalam Beach is a world-renowned and India’s 2nd most visited beach annually. That is why authorities of the Beach are more concerned about providing top-class facilities on the beach including:

  • Vizhinjam: which is famous for its special varieties of fish
  • Old Hindu temples
  • Churches
  • Masjid
  • International Trans shipment 
  • Ayurvedic salons
  • Recuperation and Regeneration Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Markets

How to Get There

Once you get to the city of Kovalam Beach Thiruvananthapuram, it becomes very easy to get there on the beach. You can easily catch local transportation e.g. Bus, Auto or private on a very economical fare. Another means to get to Kovalam Beach is by train. The train station is 16 KM away from the beach and has a special service of train to the Kovalam Beach.

Where to Stay

Luxurious, mid-ranged, economical, and even cheap every kind of accommodation is available here around this beach. Even if you are comfortable you can share rooms with other people. Such facilities also provide some hotels. But here we will discuss some quality accommodation options which are

  • Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa (from $92/night)
  • Rockholm (from $100/night)
  • Gokulam Grand Turtle on the Beach (starting at $118 per night.)
  • The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel (from $142/night)
  • Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra (from $192/night)

Activities to do on Kovalam Beach

Not only Kovalam Beach but any Beach in the world offers a lot of fun-making activities for tourists. Through these activities, tourists can enjoy their visit and make it a memorable time for the rest of their lives. The Kovalam Beach also offers such activities including:

Sunbathing and Swimming

It is always mind fresh activity to see the sun rising right early in the day and the beach enhances the charm of this activity with swimming in the water is a complete start to the day.

Ayurvedic Treatments

If you become sick or carry any health issues earlier then it is a good chance to be cured here at Ayurvedic centers which are popular. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you choose them for your treatment.

Water Sports

Surfing, parasailing, kayaking, and jet skiing, are some sports activities one should experience at least once on this beach. 

Catamaran Ride

Through this ride, you experience the whole shoreline of the beach which itself an awesome activity to explore the 17 km long coastline.

Beach Yoga

If you are an exercise or yoga lover then this beach is no less than a paradise for you. You can join many individuals or groups doing yoga very early in the day or at the time of sunset. 


Do not forget to explore markets around the beach. Unlike other beaches, you can buy cheap and quality stuff for yourself. Besides you can buy cultural stuff from here. And do not miss buying souvenirs for your home.


You can find all quality foods e.g. resorts offer a bit expensive but very good quality food including buffets. On the other hand, food carts or street food are available at very economical prices and they also never compromise on quality. In my opinion, one must prefer street food as they often sell traditional and local food. 

Lighthouse Visit

Kovalam Beach’s lighthouse is used to check the movement of ships and is also used for the safety of the people. Luckily tourists are also allowed to go there. People who love to take photos must visit there. You can see a very broad look at the beach which looks very beautiful.

The availability of these activities shows Kovalam Beach’s life is full of fun and joy. A live-hearted man cannot be bored here. Due to these reasons, it is the 2nd most visited beach in India after Goa Beach.

Tourist Reviews of Kovalam Beach

Anushka Trivedi

Air, Bus, and Road connect this Beach. very easy to access here. Have 17 km of beautiful coastline. Worth visiting here.

Visited October 2023

Traveled with family

Gukesh Mehra

A very disappointing place to visit. Too much hyped. Facilities are also not good. Wasting of money and time.

Visited June 2023

Traveled Alone

Simran Pasha

A nice place actually a recommended place to visit at least once in a life. Many attractive and fun-making things to experience including the Catamaran Ride, markets, and especially the lighthouse view were breathtaking. I will remember this trip rest of my life.

Visited January 2024

Traveled Alone


Beaches are considered as one of the most attractive places for tourism perspective. They also attract international tourists and generate revenue for the country. The Kovalam Beach is also a beach like this. Here you will find the number of activities to engage yourself.

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