Jim Corbett National Park

Indian Jim Corbett National Park

A National Park is a place or area of land which the Government of any country designated to preserve the wildlife and natural environment. About 104  National Parks are there in India. Jim Corbett National Park is one of them situated in the foothills of the Himalayas,   Established in 1936,  the oldest national park in India. The park is named after Jim Corbett, a famous British hunter and conservationist, Jim Corbett. 

Jim Corbett covers over 500 square kilometers. The park is home to different types of trees, grasses, and other vegetation. On the other hand Bengal tiger, elephants, deer, and over 600 species of birds increase the beauty of this National Park. Overall Jim Corbett National Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of India’s wildlife.

Let’s explore more about Jim Corbett National Park 

Geographical Location

Jim Corbett National Park spans across Nainital and Pauri Garhwal districts. 

Diversity of Wildlife

A National Park is an allocated place by the Government to provide a natural environment for wildlife. Similarly, Jim Corbett National Park is a home of wild animals. You can find a variety of animals including Bengal Tigers (which are famous all over the world), Asian Elephants, Indian leopards, Himalayan black bears, crocodiles, and deer. 

The 600 different bird species including Indian Peafowl, Great Hornbill, Red Junglefowl, Crested Serpent Eagle, Changeable Hawk-Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Black-chinned Yuhina, Himalayan Rubythroat, White-rumped Shama, and Plum-headed Parakeet also live here which increases the beauty of this National Park. you can find a diverse range of animals in this National park.

Safari Options

In Jim Corbett National Park primarily three safari options are available:

Jeep Safari

This is the most suitable safari option. You can explore more areas in less time. You might get the services of professional guides to visit different zones of this park.

Elephant Safari

This is the most economical, unique, and up-close safari option in Jim Corbett National Park. Through this service, you can have a broad look at the park and take photos of animals and nature. 

Canter Safari

This service is suitable for people who are in a group form. Normally larger open vehicles are used for this service.

Besides this, you can explore the Park by walking but it is not a wise decision and not a recommended option as you might face many dangerous animals in the park. 

Different Zones within the Park

Jim Corbett National Park is divided into multiple zones that have special characteristics, and wildlife populations. The main zones within the park are:

Dhikala Zone

It is the largest and most popular zone in Jim Corbett Park. Here chances are very high to observe Bengal tigers, elephants, deer, and a variety of bird species. Ramganga River is also in the  Dhikala zone

Bijrani Zone

Here you will find lush sal forests and grassy meadows renowned for safari destinations.

Jhirna Zone

It remains open almost the whole year and you can visit anytime with different safari options. It is a habitat of leopards, deer, sloth bears, and a variety of birdlife. Scrubby vegetation and rocky terrain are the specialty of this zone.

Dhela Zone

It is a mixture of dense forests and open grasslands and that is why a favorable area for elephants, deer, and tigers to live. The area is less crowded compared to some of the other zones

Other Attractions in Jim Corbett National Park

Besides above mentioned different zones, there are several other attractions to visit in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Museum

The Corbett Museum is located at Kaladhungi, dedicated to the life and achievements of Jim Corbett, who was the legendary hunter, and author. The museum displays his personal belongings and other memorable things.

Corbett Waterfall

Located around 25 kilometers from Ramnagar, the Corbett Waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery. Visitors can have a good time here and enjoy the natural beauty of this waterfall.

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a protected area adjoining Jim Corbett National Park, known for its rich biodiversity.

Kalagarh Dam

Kalagarh Dam located on the eastern boundary of Jim Corbett National Park, offers beautiful views and opportunities for birdwatching.

Kosi River

A major river flowing through the region is known for its beauty and river rafting.

Sitabani Forest Reserve

An old forest area near Jim Corbett National Park, known for its nature walks and birdwatching.

Jim’s Jungle Retreat

An eco-resort located near Jim Corbett National Park, offering comfortable accommodations and nature-based activities.

Ramganga River

An important river flows through Jim Corbett National Park, providing crucial water sources for wildlife.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

A protected area in Jim Corbett National Park is dedicated to the conservation of Bengal tigers and other wildlife.


A scenic village located on the banks of the Ramganga River, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and opportunities for nature walks.

Tumaria Dam

A dam is situated near Jim Corbett National Park, providing water for irrigation and creating a reservoir habitat for aquatic wildlife.

Mandal Range

An allocated area within Jim Corbett National Park, known for its wildlife sightings during safari tours.

Ranikhet Gate

An entry point to Jim Corbett National Park, serving as a gateway for visitors to explore the park’s wildlife.

Role of Jim Corbett National Park in Wildlife Conservation

Jim Corbett National Park is the largest and oldest national park in India which is why it has great significance in the preservation of the natural environment and wildlife. This park works like a Shelter to protect wild animals, especially Bengal Tigers whose generation is about to end. Besides wild animals, this park also provides asylum to natural beauty and forests from humans. 

Additionally, Jim Corbett National Park serves as a center for research and education. Due to this research, scientists become able to gather information regarding wildlife behavior, ecology, and conservation strategies. There is a need to promote awareness and educate humans not to disturb wildlife and how they contribute to the conservation of wildlife.

Accommodation Facilities

Jim Corbett National Park offers a range of accommodation facilities to suit different preferences and budgets. These include:


several luxury resorts are located both inside and in the vicinity of the park,

Forest Rest Houses

These rest houses provide basic accommodation facilities within the park premises.

Budget Hotels and Guesthouses

There are numerous hotels and guesthouses in nearby towns like Ramnagar, offering affordable accommodation options and easy access to the park.

Also here is a list of some famous accommodation options available inside the park

  • The Claridges Corbett Hideaway
  • Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness
  • Jim’s Jungle Retreat
  • Taj Corbett Resort & Spa
  • The Riverview Retreat
  • Namah Resort
  • Corbett Leela Vilas
  • The Solluna Resort

Best Time to Visit

Winter months are the most suitable time, especially between November and February when the nights are cold and the daytime is shiny a pleasant. Between these months you can easily see most of the animals and birds.

Activities to Do in National Park

Besides safari trips, one can do these activities in the park

  • Bird Watching
  • Nature Walks
  • Wildlife Photography
  • River Rafting (on the Kosi River)
  • Fishing
  • Village Tours
  • Jungle Camping
  • Adventure Activities (like rock climbing and rappelling)
  • Cultural Performances (organized by resorts)
  • Cycling Tours


National Parks play an important role in the perseverance of ecosystems and wildlife in any country. Jim Corbett National Park has been fulfilling the same responsibilities since 1936. Jim Corbett National Park also provides several opportunities for visitors to come and enjoy the company of different animals and explore the places in the park. In short, to visit the Jim Corbett National Park is a complete package of enjoyment and fun.

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