Yashasvi Jaiswal story 

Yashasvi Jaiswal story 

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s remarkable tale of scoring 214 runs in the third Test is one for the books.

When Jaiswal was 13 years old he left his hometown to pursue his cricket career and to become the part of Indian Cricket Team. there he faced immense competition as there is no limit to talent in India especially in cricket. India is known as a cricketing nation.

His strong desire to score more and more runs removed the pressure of International Cricket from the shoulders of Jaiswal. After playing a mere 7 Tests he already broke many records and has joined the elite class of test cricketers. He scored 3 hundreds and each hundred is converted into 150 runs which is a record itself. It never happened before in the whole cricketing history.

Against England in Rajkot, he scored his third century and remained unbeaten on 214. This was a very crucial inning and led the India’s most significant victory single-handedly.

The 22-year-old young man said in an interview, here in India you have to struggle in every field of life even to catch a bus or auto rickshaw. So how it is possible to become successful in cricket without facing hardships in India where every young man wants to play for his country? He added I struggled a lot and faced many difficult times to get here since my childhood. 

Due to these struggles and hardships, I became a disciplined cricketer and have an awesome cricketing sense. Now I know the importance of each match and opportunity that I get to represent my country. It is a great owner to perform for India.

It always keeps going in my mind to give my best to cheer up the spectators from my batting. I always try to stay positive and play fearless cricket. That is why I was able to score double hundred against quality bowling.

However, he was Humbled by Mark Wood in the first Inning of the Rajkot test match when he was dismissed very early at the total team score of 33/3 despite favorable conditions for batting. India was in deep trouble at that time.

However, they were rescued by an admirable partnership of two best players in the team, Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja, who combined to form a double-century stand.

Jaiswal said, due to that partnership I feel relaxed and got huge confidence for the second inning. They played session by session and gathered precious runs for the team. 

While watching their careful and experienced batting I was reminded me Jaiswal learned from their experience how to build innings without putting yourself in a dangerous condition. I kept waiting for my turn even in our bowling sessions. 

Following the example set by Rohit and Jadeja, Jaiswal was very determined to do good batting in his second batting opportunity. The third match was an opportunity for both teams as the series was on the 1-1 stage at that time. So there was a great demand to score a century from the top-order batsman. he remained focused on his batting and continuously punished bad deliveries. After completing the fifty runs he got a lot of confidence and started thinking of making another hundred. At that time it was not in his mind to score a double hundred at all. To make a century was his goal at that time.

he completed his century on 122 balls despite facing another obstacle in the form of back spasms. His inning was very calm and calculated.

Test cricket is a demanding format, it demands determination, hard work, and focus to score big runs. I was focusing on my game and was trying to occupy the crease as long as possible.

With time, I found my rhythm back and started making runs confidently. Things were going smoothly for me. The only problem I was facing was pain in my back off and on. Even I thought it was better to go outside and take some rest. After some time I made up my mind to retire. The next day I was not certain what would happen next.

Despite all that happened when I came back on the crease I was fresh and confident enough to bat well. Jaiswal praised coaches Rahul Dravid and Vikram Rathour for their support and guidance regarding the unpredictable nature of international cricket.

They have advised me strategic think strategically, analyze the pitch conditions, and stay positive during my innings. They were encouraging me to stay positive and stick to my plan with patience. At that time my shot selection was very good and I was playing only those shots on which I was confident to execute well.

I was also taking guidance from my fellow batsman was batting with me. It was an ongoing battle with bowlers and conditions. I showed my professional approach and with the help of the coaching staff and fellow batsman, I succeeded in completing my first double hundred. I was over the moon by completing double hundred. I am quite young and in the presence of such experienced players, I achieved this milestone. Most importantly due to my double-hundred India was able to put a huge target for England. 

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